Andy is a popular guest artist at churches and conferences. His music deeply impacts people and appeals to all age groups from children and teens to adults.

He performed at the Religious Science International annual Conference at Asilomar and was described by Rev David Ault as the “man who brought the house down at Merrill Hall!”

  Andy's music is a rich mixture of soul and contemporary R&B with a smooth beat.

It evokes excitement in you-- that urge to move your feet, get up and dance.

He invites the listener to go within, relax and feel the music filled with words of inspiration.

His music wakes you up to know the truth of yourself, that you are a mighty moving power expressing light, beauty & love.

It helps you to feel your connection to the one spiritual power.

Andy is a native Texan, born into a musical family where everyone sings and plays an instrument.

He started out his professional career at a very young age singing and playing piano in his grandfather's church.

Andy later sang and played piano in many churches and conventions across the greater Texas southwest.

Migrating to California, Andy later co-founded the band Solaris and toured extensively across Canada and the United States, releasing an album and 2 singles that made the top 80 in Billboard.

As a Licensed minister through Religious Science International, songwriter, and producer, Andy is again traveling and sharing his gifts.

The release of his latest CD solo "Everywhere I Go" is already touching many lives and invites the listener to explore and access deep levels of truth and hope within themselves.


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Let My Spirit Move Absolutely love this album. Play it over and over every day. The words touch my heart and soul, and inspire me each and every day. Exactly what I was looking for. Namaste. ~ Diana

Celebration of Life
I love having it on in the background around the house. Andy is singing the profound Truth of Life. What a blessing!


Everywhere I Go
I listen to this CD everyday, I'm listening now and my heart is lifted and I feel energized. Andy's melodic voice and soulful presentation invoke my memories of Motown Soulful Long songs like the tune "Body and Mind" and then his tune "It's Only Love" brings the genre up a notch with its hip-hop licks. This is a glorious work enhanced by the musicians and the solo's of his saxophone artist. This is definitely a keeper!!!! Smoky Robinson has nothing on Andy...
~ Bobbie

Totally Conscious Productions
Conscious Music with Andy Anderson
"Spirit expressing itself through music"


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