I'm Andy Anderson and welcome to my home of spiritual and conscious music on the web… a place for us to connect through the power of music.

Please visit often and allow my spiritual music to enhance all the great things that you are already doing.

It is my intention to remind you through the power of song and spiritual music that wherever you are on your path that you are whole, perfect and complete.

To know there is nothing that can prevent you from being all you can be, do, and have.

It is through the power of choice and self-awareness – this is where your greatness lies, and with this new awareness we can experience shifts in consciousness that bring about transformation.

Through the power of my music it is my intention to provide support to reawaken the knowing the truth of yourself; raise your level of awareness to see and think from a different perspective.

I know that together we can make a difference for a better world filled with love, peace, harmony and beauty that can be experienced right here, right now.

May your visit here be filled with love, and your highest and greatest good.



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Let My Spirit Move
CD is really filled with power and peace. The power of the message in each song, and the peace you feel when listening. It truly let's my spirit move.
~ Jeanette

Celebration of Life
I love having it on in the background around the house. Andy is singing the profound Truth of Life. What a blessing!
~ Jeanne


Totally Conscious Productions
Conscious Music with Andy Anderson
"Spirit expressing itself through music"


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